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Vicky Nish

Born in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan, Vicky was the 4th child in a family of 6. The family moved around Canada and Europe in the early years before settling in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Vicky had a crayon in her hand from the beginning. Her earliest memory, being aged 5, was winning a contest for one of her pieces of art.  The drawing made its way across Canada and was called, “A House on Wheels”. She was always encouraged by her family to draw and often bribed to do chores, with the promise of new art books and supplies.


After many years in Manitoba, the family moved to Alberta. Vicky finished high school and college, and studied commercial art.  She started working professionally in the commercial art industry immediately after.  Within a few years of her working career, she had her 2 daughters.

Fast forward several years and Vicky set out on her own again.  With her two little girls in tow, she settled into the sunny Okanagan, where she still resides.


Working full time as a graphic designer, part time as a musician, and being a wife and mother made for a hectic life. It took many years to pick up a paint brush and find the time to indulge in her real passion. It was with the love and support of her family that finally urged her to pursue her love of art.  Receiving all of her father’s paints and brushes along with his command to “Start Painting”, Vicky set out to do just that.


Her art is inspired by the longing to tell stories in paint. Paired with her unique life experiences and often just dreaming Vicky tries to bring those stories to life .


“My biggest hope, is that people will feel the love I put into each piece and wonder about the story that goes with it.  Each of them has one!”


“The red book that you see present throughout my work is a part of a series. It is my story, as I recreate myself, as each piece is one small part of my journey.”


“I hope you will follow along.”


Vicky Nish

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